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Folklore is the traditional beliefs, practices, customs, stories, jokes, songs (etc.) of a people, handed down orally or behaviorally from individual to individual. Especially I want to concern about the legend of tlogo village. Legend is a story from the past that may or may not be true. Tlogo village is located in Prambanan, Klaten, Central Java. According to me, the story of tlogo village is interesting. So, here we go to The Legend of Tlogo Village.

Long Time ago, there was umbul (in Javanese language) or water that appeared partially from the ground. The water could not be stopped, and then it would be a pool. After that the water still could not be stopped. It made the area surrounding became a lake. The society was afraid if the water still be appeared, maybe the area would be a sea. So, all of them tried to cover the water up with every ways. But they were failed. One of them has suggest if they wanted to close the water, they should swam in to under the water, and then took a chunk of a tree to cover the hole that was became a source where the water was appear. Nobody felt brave to swim. One day, there was someone who felt brave to swim under the lake. Actually, he was success to swim and cover it. Finally, the society named that area Tlogo Banyu, because there was many water inside the lake. Banyu is the Javanese language, it means water. Than Tlogo from the word ‘telaga’ means lake. The society also named their village Tlogo Banyu Village, because there was tlogo or lake inside their village.
After the society named that area as Tlogo Banyu, several days later there was a farmer who wanted to catch fishes. While he spread out the dragnet, suddenly he saw a kind of freshwater catfish, but it’s shaped like a skeleton. The farmer was shocked when he saw it, because he never met a fish like that. He told to everybody if he saw a strange fish when he wanted to catch fishes in Tlogo Banyu. He felt proud because only he who could see that fish. And then, while he was sleeping, the fish’s skeleton come to his room and knock his door. He was very surprised, because that fish’s skeleton could speaking.
The fish’s skeleton said “Why you did not ask permission while you wanted to catch fishes in Tlogo Banyu? And then, why did you tell to everyone if you found me in the Tlogo Banyu?”
And then the farmer replied, “I did not know if I should be asking a permission while I was catching fishes in the Tlogo Banyu, and then I just felt proud because only I who could see you. I was the first person who found you in the Tlogo Banyu”.
The fish’s skeleton was angry and said, “You did not ask permission before. You were an impolite person. You should not be talk to everyone while you could see me. I did not like your attitude. I swore if one day you will be suffering.”
After that the fish’s skeleton was disappear. The farmer did not pay attention to the fish’s skeleton said. He just considered it as a daydreaming. The farmer did his daily activities like usually. He did not realize if the disaster would be coming to his life. Firstly, while he walked to the farm suddenly he was stumbled by the rock, so that he fell in down in the ground. Secondly, while he came back to his house he found that his money gone away. He still did not realize that both are the disaster which was sworn by the fish’s skeleton. Thirdly, his son suddenly got a strange illness. All of the indigenous medical practitioner could not cure his son. Day by day his son’s illness became more serious. His body more and more became thin; the skeleton can be seen outside his skin. The farmer was realizing that all of the disaster that come to him is came from the fish’s skeleton. Finally, his son was dead because the illness was already gnawing on his son’s body.
On the other hand, One day there was a child who played near by the lake. He was alone while played in the near by the lake. He did not realize if the night was coming. He still enjoyed play by his-self there. Suddenly the big woman with a big breast came to him; she called ‘wewe gombel’. The child immediately was carrying by the wewe gombel. And then the next morning one of the families was shocked because their son did not come to his home last night. The mother told to the head village. And then the head village asked to his society to find the boy around the tlogo banyu village. After that, one of the society founds a slipper. He told to the head village, and then the mother knew if that slipper was her son’s slipper. The head village told to all of his society if there would be a meeting in the head village’s house. After that, the head village told if the boy was carried by the wewe gombel, because the slipper that was found under the big tree. The other people also agree with the head village’s said, because only wewe gombel that live at the big tree.
The Tlogo Banyu has a magic strength. If the people did everything there without asked permission, they would be suffering and also get a disaster like that farmer, because there was also fish’s skeleton who lived under the water. Or they would be disappearing carried by wewe gombel or the other ghosts. Because there were many ghost who lived in the big trees.


Recently, the society of Tlogo Banyu Village is already not believed of that magic strength there. Now, there is no lake in the Tlogo Banyu Village. The lake became smaller and smaller because the water is decreasing. It’s because there is no rain along the year. It’s make the lake disappear, and now the lake just like a pool without any water. And then that pool is growing by the grassy field. We can not see the lake anymore, but if the rain is coming, the pool will be filling up the water. Because of that, the society changed their village’s name in to Tlogo Village.
Ago, the surrounding of the lake area consist of many big trees. At that time, the society consider if all of the big trees were lived by the ghosts. If there was a person who wanted to catch the fish, so he or she should be asked permission first to the fish’s skeleton who lived under the water of Tlogo Banyu or the ghosts who were lived in the big trees. If he or she did not ask permission, so that the person would get a disaster, but if the person was already asked permission, so that the person would catch many fishes.
On the other hand, the society in this era does not believe of that story again, because the big trees are already cutting down, so that there are not many big trees. And then the Tlogo Banyu also has not many fishes again, because the pool has not contains water again. But if the rain is coming, usually the society will be filling the pool with the fishes.
The society in the past time consider if they should be asking permission first to the ghosts who lived in that area, it’s because they wanted to teach us in order to be a polite person, we have to get permission if we want to do something in the other person’s place.


That’s all about the legend of tlogo village. I am one of the Tlogo Village society is proud to my village, because my village has a legend that other places maybe do not have it. We are should be proud to the folklore that our area has. We also should be take care and keep that folklore, so that it would be extinct, and then we can send it down to the next generation.


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