Saturday, October 22, 2011

Damn, it's true

  • I'm not pretty. I'm not perfect. I'm not smart. I'm not proper. I'm not fake. I'm just ME.
  • Don't break someone's heart, they have only one. Break their bones, they have 206 of them.
  • When its me and you, everything is so perfect. But when its us and your friends, its a completly different story.
  • Everyone can make me smile but only certain person can make my heart smile.
  • I may not be the perfect one for you, but I will always try be the right one.
  • It’s difficult at best to find just the real friend who’ll never leave me at my worst.
  • To love someone is nothing, to be loved by someone is something, to love someone who loves me is everything ♡
  • To the world I may be one person, but to one person I may be the world.

Friday, October 21, 2011

MTV and Youth Generation

“Since World War II (1939-1945) Television or TV has dominated American popular culture” (Pendergast, 2002, pg. 610). While the World War II happened, almost the society were busy to save themselves and also their family. They just thought about their safety. They did not think more about entertainment or something that could make their mind and body refresh. But, the changing begun after the World War II. The society started to think about their whole life. They did not just think about their safety, but also they thought about an entertainment for their daily life, so that they did not feel bored. “By the early 1950s, television was becoming a major force in the way Americans spent their leisure time” (Pendergast, 2002, pg.1027 ). The American society often spent their spare time in front of a television because they felt that they needed some kind of entertainment which could make them happy and enjoy their life. They had not already feel stress because of the war that just happened many years ago, but they could feel relax because of an entertainment in a television that they watched. Television became the main media for entertainment, news, sport, even politics, because television could be watched by people from different area in over the world and also from different age; child, teens and adult. There were many channel for different audiences. In basically, a television just for relaxing and refreshing our mind from our bustle.

In the 1981, there was a television program that made the audiences realized about a new change. The program named MTV or Music Television. It named by MTV because the programs in this channel contains of music. Almost the programs are about music. MTV also tried to add pictures in the music and made video according to the picture and music. “It was launched at midnight on August 1st, 1981” (Pendergast, 2002, pg.1147). MTV also became one of the most necessary television programs among society, because it could represent of global youth culture. MTV offered some programs in it, such as a mix of music, post-modern imagery, consumer goods and original programming.

MTV began as a twenty-four-hour-a-day music cable channel. MTV’s audiences grew from just over two million at the end of four months to twenty-two million by 1984. With its low production costs, the channel soon earned large profits, as advertisers proved willing to pay top dollar to reach this audience of young consumers. (Pendergast, 2002, pg.1147).

When we listen to the music, we can feel relax and enjoy because music can make our mind fresh. But it will depend on music that we listen. If we are listening to the classical music or instruments music, it really will help us to recover our mind from our bustle. Pop, jazz, R n B, Rock and Roll also can make our mind fresh. For example if we feel exhausted because of our activity or work, we can listen to Rock and Roll music, and then we can move our body in a floor, then we also can dance based on the rhythmic of the song. On the other hand, we will get dizzy if we listen to the heavy metal music or music that is contained of strange music; unclear voices of singer, absurd tone, dynamic and rhythmic.

The influence of MTV could be felt by youth generation. There are positive aspects related to MTV. The positive aspects are, firstly MTV became a creative way for youth generation, especially in making music video. MTV showed about how a music can be appeared in a television with a different style, it can be added some animates or object which could be seen. The youth generation can see how is making a good music video too. They also can try to make it by themselves according to the music video that they saw before. They could act as the singer who sang a song, or became someone who act as an artist or model, or they also could act as the director of the music video. Secondly, MTV became a powerful teacher for teenagers because “Researchers have found that the marriage of television and music is powerful as multisensory input reinforces the music’s content and message. MTV also offers a concerned parent a bird’s-eye view into the values, attitude and behavior of today’s teens” (Mueller, 2004). Thirdly, MTV became a source of information on trends in music for youth. The youth generation could know about the newest song by their favorite singers or bands. And then they also could know about a new singer or band that is included to the top rank on MTV’s hitlist chart. They can feel closer with their favorite artists because they can watch them on televison, especially on MTV everyday.

On the other hand, there also negative aspects related to MTV. Firstly, some of music videos that were appear in MTV brought violence issues. For example there is a video about war or fighting. Usually, the audiences under 16 years old will adapt what they see in the televison, and then they will do it. If there are two different group of boys who are fighting to conquest toys, they will adapt the way of actress or actor who are conquest something in a music video that they saw before. Glen said that, “there was youth who killed the police officer stated in court that they were influenced by the lyrics of Tupac Shakur’s song 2 Pacalypse Now which glamorizes the killing of a policeman”, in his journal. It was one of evidences that media, especially music television had a direct influence on the result for youth generation. There are also studies that show about youth who are already at risk are attracted to alternative music like heavy metal or rap music from artists like Marilyn Manson or Eminem.

“Research has shown a correlation between the angry, depressive, blatantly violent lyrics and the increase in youth suicide and youth violence by those who are experiencing depression, school or personal alienation, suicidal tendencies, drug addiction and/or alcoholic issues and family relationship problems” (Roberts & Christenson, 2001).

Secondly, the lyrics in some of songs also bring bad impact for youth. Glen also wrote that “Marilyn Manson readily refers to himself as the “anti-Christ” or as an anti-god. His music videos and concerts encourage suicide and his message easily goes into the face of the organized church”, in his journal. For example there is a lyric from his album Antichrist Superstar that is contained about anti-Christ. “I am the Anti-music god.” “Here's your Antichrist Superstar”. There is also a lyric from his album The Reflecting God, “You'll understand when I'm dead I went to god just to see, and I was looking at me, saw heaven and hell were lies. When I'm god everyone dies”. Those lyrics are already shown a bad things for youth. Those also can make youth generation believe in Marilyn Manson about being impious. Youth generation who are already taught by their parents about religius values will forget about and leave it, and then they will switch it with what Marilyn Manson said.

Thirdly, almost teenagers or youth spend their leisure time to watch video music in television especially in MTV.
82% of MTV’s viewers are ages 12 to 34 with almost 40% under the age of 18. According to research, MTV is the “most recognized network among young adults ages 12 to 34” (Nielson Media Research, 2000). In fact, music videos are designed predominately for teenagers 12 to 19 years old. In this age group, 73% of the boys and 78% of the girls watch MTV regularly. Boys average 6.6 hours, while girls average of 6.2 hours per week watching MTV (Rich, 1998).

Almost students will use 6 hours just to watch television. In a fact, they have to use around 6-7 hours in school. After that, they also have to study and do their homework around 1-2 hours. They can play or do relax with their friends or family around 2-3 hours in a day. They have to take a rest during a day around 8 hours. So, spending 6 hours in front of television is wasting time. It will be useful to allocate the rest of time to take a break or do something relax in order to make the body and mind refresh. Fourthly, the way of MTV presents life is misleading and too glamorous. The teenagers or youth generation should be able to think themselves creatively based on their own ways. In a fact, many of them imitate the luxurious stars attitude or fashion. For example Lady Gaga. We know that she becomes a superstar because she can brings a new concept of fashion in her performances. She always wears something different with others. She wants to make people notice her because she is unique. The youth generation should be themselves, they may immitate the superstar’s fashion but it will be nice if they do not too much immitate it, because it will decrease their creative way to mix and match the stuff that they want to wear.

Although MTV has several negative aspects, it will not make MTV be banned, because there are still many things that make MTV more popular and brings good impact for youth generation. All of the singers, bands, boybands or artists in all the world should say thanks with MTV, because MTV had already make them popular in order to distribute their music videos to the audiences in all the world. MTV also had already make hitlist chart for those songs, albums, or music videos that are often to be listened and watched by the audiences from the radio and television. MTV also made an appreciation event for those singers and bands named Video Music Awards since 1980s. In the 1984, there was The Cars with its song You Might Think who became the first winner. In the 1994, there was Aerosmith with his music video Cryin’ who also became the first winner. In the 2008, there was Britney Spears with her music video Pieces Of Me who became the first winner too. In the 2010, Lady Gaga won the video of the year with her song Bad Romance. This Video Music Awards had already helps the singers or bands to increase their popularity because their fans will know about the progress of their favorite singers or bands.

MTV not only popular in America, but also the existence of MTV felt by the youth generation in all the world. “By the mid-1990s, MTV reached 270 million households in more than 125 countries scattered across five continents” (Pendergast, 2002, pg.1148). MTV became an influential source of pop culture and entertainment in the United States and other parts of the world, including Europe, Asia and Latin America, which all have MTV-branded channels. “Music video and MTV are major ingredients of television programming internationally. MTV Europe, launched in 1987, was followed by an Asian service in 1991 and MTV Latino in 1993” (Burns, 2011). There is MTV Asia which is showed in area around Asia. There is also MTV in Indonesia. Youth generation in Indonesia can know about the newest music or singer or band based on MTV. MTV helps youth generation to express their feeling with a good activity, such as making a band, being singer, being a director for video music, or being VJs (Video Jockeys) on television. Since MTV was broadcasted in Indonesia, the music industry in Indonesia seems increasing. Now, there are so many music lables in Indonesia which are adopted United State’s music lables. Such as Sony-BMG Entertainment, Alfa Records, Musica Studio, E-motion.

1. Pendergast, Sara. Bowling, Beatniks and Bell-Bottons. Pop Culture of
20th- century America Volume 3, 4 and 5. Detroit: Thomson Gale, 2002.

Ramayana Ballet Prambanan

huaaaaaaaaa.. akhirnya aku bisa nonton Sendratari (seni drama dan tari) Ramayana di Candi Prambanan.. seumur-umur baru sekali ini aku nonton,, ahhahhaa,, padahal rumahku tu dekeeettt banget sama candi prambanan.. jalan kaki nggak sampe 10 menit udah sampe.. hahahaa..
lha setauku tu mahal je kalo mau nonton, tapi beberapa saat yang lalu ada temenku yang nawari tiket nonton Ramayana cuma Rp 20.000,00


CUMA 20ribu???

awalnya aku nggak percaya, tapi setelah dikasih tau kalo itu tiket untuk pelajar, akhirnya aku menyetujuinya..
kapan lagi bisa nonton Ramayana dengan tiket semurah itu?

well, singkat cerita aku datang ke kompleks Ramayana di Candi Prambanan, awalnya aku pikir bakalan nonton di gedung Trimurti (indoor), ternyata ehh ternyata diluar dugaanku,, ada banyak sekali bus pariwisata, mobil-mobil serta motor-motor yang memenuhi parkiran..

ternyata kali ini pentasnya outdoor bok! huaaa.. nggak kebayang gimana senengnya aku.. apalagi aku melihat lautan manusia yang memenuhi bangku-bangku yang mengelilingi panggung terbuka tersebut..

ada banyak mahasiswa yang nonton, ternyata kebanyakan dari UGM, especially dari Fakultas Ilmu Budaya.. kebanyakan sih anak-anak Kepariwisataan.. hehehe.. anak-anak sastra inggris juga banyak sih, tapi kebanyakan adik angkatan je.. kalo yang seangkatan sama aku mala, hendro, sinta, andrew, nisa dan..
trus ada mahasiswa-mahasiswa dari Singapura, Thailand, etc..
trus ada banyak bule yang ganteng-ganteng pula,, wkwkkwkwk..

aku dapet tempat duduk di tribun paling belakang agak pojok pula.. tapi itu nggak mengurangi rasa penasaranku untuk menonton secara langsung pagelaran yang menurutku maha-dahsyat ini.. yaa karena sendratari ini melibatkan puluhan penari-penari berbakat, lalu musik gamelannya juga live, selain itu background nya tu candi prambanan yang maha megah ..

aku kembali berdecak kagum ketika melihat rama dan shinta yang mulai berduet menari, gerakan-gerakan yang mereka suguhkan tuh bener-bener AWESOME!!!
aku sukaaa bangett lahh..

jadi keinget jaman SD dulu ketika aku masih menjadi Penari..hehehe.. gini-gini aku bisa nari lohh,, dulu sering pentas pas 17an.. hehehhee..
tapi sekarang udah lupa dan nggak luwes nari lagi,, mungkin dikarenakan badanku menggendut kali yaa.. hihihhiiii..

back to the Ramayana Ballet,
ketika sedang asik menonton, tiba-tiba mala yang duduk disampingku nyeletuk, "ehh gerimis dis"
lalu aku bilang ke dia "tenang aja,, cuma gerimis kecil kok, nggak mungkin ujan kok,, disini jarang ujan soale"
lalu mala bilang lagi "ehh tapi itu gerimisnya makin deres dis, yawda aku berteduh dulu yaa, ayoo kamu  ikut nggak?"

Mala udah jalan duluan cari tempat berteduh, tapi entah kenapa aku masih takjub melihat penari-penari itu menari dengan gemulainya.. padahal gerimis semakin deras.. lalu tiba-tiba lautan manusia di depanku mulai beranjak dan terjadinya kepanikan yang membuat orang-orang lari tunggang langgang mencari tempat perteduhan.. aku sempat melihat penari-penari di tengah panggung juga berhamburan mencari tempat perlindungan..
dan terjadilah  hujan lebat.. waowww.. akhirnya Prambanan diguyur hujan jugaa... ada rasa senang dan juga kecewa yang menyelimutiku..
aku senang, karena yang aku tunggu-tunggu sekian bulan tergenapi sudah.. hehehe.. beberapa hari terakhir ini aku berdoa sama Tuhan agar Prambanan hujan, karena disini bener-bener panasss dan gersang banget.. dan ternyata Tuhan mengirimkan hujan .. Thanks God!
on the other hand, aku kecewa karena pertunjukkan sendratari ramayana yang baru aja aku tonton tuh belom selese.. aku penasaran banget sama ending ceritanya.. ehhmm. lebih tepatnya aku sangat menunggu-nunggu klimaks dari pentas tersebut.. yaitu pada saat obong-obong (bakar-bakar) jadi kan ada adegan si Hanoman itu berdiri di tengah-tengah api..
kira-kira kayak gini gambarnya >>

karena hujan semakin lebat, dan nggak tau kapan berhentinya, maka kuputuskan untuk pulang ke rumah.. sedangkan teman-temanku masih menunggu hujan disana..
yaa.. someday aku pengen nonton lagi di panggung terbuka :D

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Vote Komodo for the NEw 7 Wonder of Nature !!!

Beberapa hari yang lalu saya menyaksikan acara Bukan Empat Mata di stasiun tv Trans 7. Salah satu bintang tamu dalam acara itu adalah mantan wakil presiden, Bapak Jusuf Kala. Beliau adalah salah satu duta pemenangan Pulau Komodo sebagai salah satu New 7 Wonders of Nature. Beliau mengimbau bahwa penduduk Indonesia agar mendukung Pulau Komodo sebagai salah satu calon New 7 Wonders of Nature.

Indonesia melorot ke dalam posisi 12 dan masih butuh 120 juta dukungan lagi agar dapat menjadi New 7 Wonders of Nature.
 Cara yang paling mudah adalah dengan mengetik sms KOMODO dan kirim ke 9818.
 Biaya sms hanya sebesar Rp 1/sms.
 Sungguh murah bukan ?

Saya sangat malu pada diri saya sendiri bahwa saat ini berdasar hasil perhitungan pendukung Komodo adalah berasal dari Korea. Sungguh luar biasa dukungan para WNI yang berada di Korea. Kita harus malu bahwa dukungan di negeri sendiri masih kalah dibandingkan dengan para WNI yang berada di Korea Selatan.

Ayolah kita dukung Komodo sebagai New 7 Wonders of Nature. 
Murah sekali dan sungguh murah dengan hanya sms KOMODO kirim ke 9818 dengan biaya Rp 1/sms.
 Paling tidak kita mengirimkan 100 sms dan hanya mengurangi Rp. 
100 dari deposit pulsa kita.
Ayo dukung KOMODO !!!
 Pulau KOMODO !! 
Dukung hingga detik terakhir pada 11 November 2011 !!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Happy B'day to my beloved

today is my boyfriend's b'day October 11, 2011



I hope he can reach his biggest dream (marry me, absolutely!)
I hope he can be my future husband

I hope he can be better in the future

Monday, October 10, 2011

Wanita, ciptaan Tuhan yang paling indah..

Wanita yang dicintai oleh pria; yang dijadikan tujuan pembahagiaannya; yang dijadikannya pemilik dari semua keberhasilan hidupnya; yang didahulukannya; yang dipanggilnya dengan suara termesranya; yang ketidak-hadirannya menjadikan sang pria berjalan seperti ayam tanpa kepala; dan yang hanya satu-satunya dalam hidupnya,

Wanita yang pikiran dan perhatiannya hanya untuk prianya, untuk kesehatan prianya, untuk keanggunan penampilan prianya, untuk keharuman nama dan citra prianya, dan untuk kepantasan prianya bagi setinggi-tingginya kedudukan di masyarakat.

Sesungguhnya sang pria akan menjadikannya ratu yang lebih berkuasa darinya di dalam kerajaan keluarganya,


sang wanitalah yang ceria menghapus keletihan dari tubuh dan hati prianya, yang tegas bagi kebaikan prianya, yang bersemangat mendukung kebesaran impian prianya, yang lembut menguatkan hati prianya yang letih dan kecewa, dan yang menegakkan kembali kegagahan prianya untuk berjaya dan cemerlang dalam kancah kehidupan masyarakat.

Wanita yang dicintai pria, adalah wanita yang menjadikannya mampu mencapai impian-impian tertingginya, dan yang membuatnya merasa bebas untuk menjadi selemah-lemahnya pria di dalam pelukannya.

Ooh … wanita, ciptaan Tuhan yang paling indah.

-Mario Teguh-

>> Om Mario Teguh tu emang inspiratif banget.. kata-kata yang Beliau ciptakan sungguh indah dan sangat mengispirasi banyak orang <<

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Mark Feehily

I love Mark Feehily since I was in elementary school..
He is very very handsome, gorgeous, awesome! no matter what people say about him.. I still adore him.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I wanna sing (again)

I really wanna sing again, of course! with my beloved choir VOCALISTA ANGELS (VA)..
I joined in this choir since I was kid, I was really young and fresh - around 1999-
actually I love SING so much..

banyak banget yang aku dapetin di VA yang nggak bisa aku dapetin di tempat lain dimanapun itu..
melalui VA aku diajarin cara nyanyi yang baik oleh pelatihku Mas Yason Christy Pranowo, S.Sn. aku juga diajarin cara baca notasi angka, trus cara pernafasan yang benar, cara vokalisi yang baik, dan melalui VA aku juga bisa belajar make-up sendiri lhoo.. yaa karena VA sering tampil dimana-mana; entah itu di gereja, di gedung, di outdoor, dimana-mana deh..


karena VA aku bisa keliling Indonesia dan keliling sebagian dunia ..
karena VA aku bisa ketemu sama orang no. 1 di Indonesia dan juga dengan pejabat-pejabat negara lainnya ..
karena VA aku bisa mendapatkan banyak pengalaman berharga lainnya yang takkan kulupain dan takkan bisa kusebutkan satu per satu..

aku kangen VA
aku pengen nyanyi lagi sama temen-temen VA..
aku rindu kebersamaan yang udah lebih dari 12 taun aku jalani ini


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Romantic Words

beberapa saat yang lalu aku dekat dengan seseorang, dia kerap kali mengirimiku pesan singkat yang selalu membuat hatiku bergetar setiap membaca pesannya tersebut.

here it is..
  •  Peri langit bercerita bahwa cinta bukan hanya persamaan tapi juga perbedaan, lihatlah bulan dan bintang, mereka tidak sama tapi bisa saling melengkapi untuk menghiasi langit.

  • To love you more.

  • Sautan kicau burung menyambut senyuman sang mentari, peri kecil menari gembira menyambut pagi yang penuh harapan, di pagi yang indah ini kuucapkan selamat pagi cinta.

  • Dari wanita yang membuat laki-laki terpikat: wanita itu memiliki sikap sahaja terlebih dalam mengeluarkan kata demi kata yang baik dan penuh hati-hati dalam bertutur, karena wanita adalah surga.
  • Saat bunga itu mulai mekar jangan sekali-kali kamu menghirupnya karena kamu nanti terlena akan kesempurnaan tanpa menengok kelemahan, tapi lihatlah sang kuncup berproses dalam hidup.

  • Jangan pernah jadikan aku sebagai bulan maupun bintangmu, tapi jadikanlah aku sebagai mataharimu yang suatu saat akan menghangatkanmu dalam dinginnya cinta.

  • Cintailah dia dari kekurangannya bukan dari kelebihannya.. kesempurnaan cinta itu bukan dari cara dia mencintaimu, tapi bagaimana dia mampu menjaga cintanya padamu.

  • Kamu tau tidak tadi malam aku bermimpi membangun sebuah istana kecil yang sangat indah dan penuh ketulusan.. Dan yang membuat aku kaget, orang yang ada disampingku adalah kamu.

  • Mungkin bahu dan badanku kecil, tapi jika kamu membutuhkan tempat untuk bersandar, aku siap. Asalkan jangan berlabuh ya, soalnya aku bukan dermaga, nanti badanku basah karena air matamu.

  • Kuingin kau menjadi bintang dalam langit hidupku, suatu saat akan menerangi hatiku yang gelap tanpa cahaya harapan.

  • Jika tangan ini sanggup memelukmu, aku ingin memelukmu. jika kaki ini mampu menatihmu, aku rela untuk menuntunmu. kuingin menyeka air matamu walaupun ku tak mampu.

  • Rindu itu buta. Rindu itu syahdu. Jangan pernah kau sediakan telinga untuk mendengar, tetapi sediakan hati untuk menjawab.


If anyone can fill my world with joy and happiness,
and cast away all of my loneliness,
always there beside me when I am down,
and never left my face with the frown..
it’s you.. yes! it is you my friend who can make it all come true..
it’s you.. yes! it is true a friend in need is a friend indeed..


those are the lyrics from Mocca’s song entitled FRIEND

Sunday, October 2, 2011

(LE)LAKI SEJATI aku bertanya pada ibuku:
"bagaimanakah lelaki sejati itu?"

 ibuku menjawab:
 "lelaki yang sejati bukanlah dilihat dari bahunya yang kekar, tapi dari kasih sayangnya pada orang di sekitarnya"

"lelaki sejati bukanlah dilihat dari dadanya yang bidang, tapi dari hati yang ada di balik itu"

"lelaki sejati bukanlah dilihat dari banyaknya wanita yang memuja, tapi komitmennya terhadap wanita yang dicintainya"

Saturday, October 1, 2011



aku lagi suka hura-hura nihhh...
tiap hari bawaannya pengen maen mulu.. jalan-jalan terus.. refreshing terus lah pokoke.. maen ke rumah temen, ke mall, ke pantai, ke luar kota, kemanaaaa kaki ini ingin melangkah lah pokoke.. http://www.smileycodes.infohahhahahaha
dan itu berdampak pada skripsyong saya yang baru mulai bab I ini belum sempat saya revisi, hihihiiiii.. padahal baru bimbingan satu kali sama DPS (Dosen Pembimbing Skripsi) sih..
niatnya sih sabtu depan pengen ngadep beliau lagi.. huffttt.. moga aja aku bisa dapet pencerahan dari acara jalan-jalan gejje bersama teman-teman yang sedang galau skripsyong juga.. ahhahahhaaa..