Saturday, July 2, 2011


this is July :)

I really love this month..
I believe that there will be so many wonderful moment along this month..
next monday I will start to have a community service (KKN = Kuliah Kerja Nyata) in Clapar 2, Hargowilis, Kokap, Wates..
I will spend around 2 months with my friends in one house.. there are 5 girls (me, desma, igib, mbak lanri, tante tiwi), there are also 4 boys (angga, tegar, nino, rijal)..
people say that in my area (Clapar 2) lacks of water, so that we have to find some water in a public well or we may buy some water.. finally, my group agree that we will buy some water, because it is efficient.

well, forget it awhile about community service.

I want to think about my wishes in this month -JULY-

I will celebrate my Birthday in this month, it will be my 21st birthday. wow! I start to be mature now :) *hopefully*
huffttt.. as the last year, I could not celebrate my birthday with my family or my boyfriend, because I have to go to Clapar 2.. actually I really sad about it. there will be no gifts for me (as usual). I'll be alone :'(

but, I cannot give up!
I still have my KKN's friends. I still can celebrate my birthday with them, although it will be a simple party without any delicious food or baloon or glamour things. I should be thankful to my almighty God, because He had already give me life and breath.

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