Friday, February 24, 2012

♥ love ♥ is you

this is how i feel
whenever i'm with you
everything is all about you
too good to be true

somehow i just can't believe
you can lay your eyes on me
if this is a fairy tale
i wish you will end happily
eventhough we are a part
i can feel you here next to me
here and now i will love
stay with me

let me love you with all my heart
you are the one for me
you are the light of my soul
let me hold you with my arms
wanna feel love again
wanna feel love again
wanna feel love again

and i know love is you
love is you
love is you 

*a song entitled LOVE IS YOU by Ten2Five*


HP Yitno said...

Love is you.
Who is you?

Itu lagu apa puisi sob.

covalimawati said...

aku suka lagunya.. liriknya jg ok.. ^^

Penghuni 60 said...

ups, love is me?
ah masa sih....?

(you mean me)

Adhisti Vega Kerleonis said...

@HP Yitno: itu lagunya ten2five judulnya love is you. coba dehh dengerin lagunya. bagus kok :)

@covalimawati: aku jugaaaa..hehehhehe.. bagus kan?

@penghuni 60: wewwww.. bukan 'love is me' lho yaaaa... tapi 'love is you' hahhahahahaa