Friday, May 25, 2012

The official song of the 6th World Choir Games 2012

This summer I will go to States for joining The 6th World Choir Games in Cincinnati, Ohio with my beloved Vocalista Angels Choir. The opening ceremony will be held on July 7th. A couple days ago I knew the official song that will be sang in the opening ceremony from  tante Thea (she is the leader of my choir). She gave me a link on my facebook to see the video of this official song for thr 6th World Choir Games. I’m curious, so I open it. There is a guy named Kirk Franklin who made the song entitled I can. I amazed with the song, especially the lyric. Suddenly I remember the motto of World Choir Games “Singing together brings nations together”.  According to me, the song is represented about the world situation now. He wants to show the world that a song can unite us. A song can make us peace. A song also can make this world become a better place. The power of song is very very wonderful.
Here is the lyric and also the video. Let’s check them out...

I CAN – Kirk Franklin

sing a song to heal your pain.
end world hunger, no more hate.
make this world a better place.
If I could – If I could ...

Fear and terror, I’d erase
Give that child a brighter day
The debt of nations I would pay
If I could – If I could...

*No excuses, in my way
A new season, no mistakes
The earth she cries it’s time for change
Sing together now...

**No more fighting, no more war
Don’t live afraid be who you are
It’s a new day so help me say
I CAN  I – I – I – I
I CAN  I – I – I

With one voice this world can change
Soon our differences will fade
No longer will people say
If I could – If I could...
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I can make it, I can stand
Love my neighbor, and heal the land
Every nation, lend your hand
Don’t wait too late

I – I – I – I
I CAN  I – I – I – I
I CAN  I – I – I – I
Sing together now

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