Monday, January 28, 2013

My trip-lists

I arranged this trip-lists few months ago. I will be graduated this year (of course!), then I will have so many free-times after my graduation. I have some plannings to visit several places that I want most.
here are the trip-lists:

1. Bandung

I choose Bandung for my 1st destiny because it is near enough from my hometown (Jogja). Bandung is the Paris Van Java. there are a lot of great fashion stuffs and the culinary is Top Markotop! hahaha. bener-bener betah banget kalo lagi di Bandung. belanja bajunya murah meriah, trus wisata kulinernya selalu bikin ngiler. btw, my auntie lives there and also I have many friends there, so that they can accompany me to explore the whole Bandung.

2. Bali
Bali is the 2nd destiny because it's quite far from  my hometown. I should pass the ocean to get there. according to me, Bali is the most beautiful place in Indonesia. I have ever been to Bali when I was in Senior High School, at that time I did a study-tour; actually it's like a vacation, not a study-tour lol. I have some friends lives there, so that aku bisa memanfaatkan mereka untuk nemenin jalan-jalan menyusuri semua tempat di Bali. yeiyyy!

3. Balikpapan
I choose this place because my boyfriend stays here. Umm.. I mean that he stays near Balikpapan. He works in Samarinda. It's about two hour from Balikpapan (by car). I don't even know what is the best place in Balikpapan. I have many friends comes from Balikpapan, maybe they can tell me and accompany me to explore the Balikpapan city.

4. Singapore
I have never been to Singapore before. I think Singapore is the nearest country to Indonesia, but I have never been there. I just curious with the Universal Studio, and the the whole-country of Singapore. anyone who want to go Singapore with me? just tell me, then we will arrange how to get there together, right?

5. Sydney
Three months ago I've been to Sydney for the Sunday School comparative study. I spent two weeks there. I visited The Sydney Opera House, The Rocks City, Darling Harbour, Manly Beach, Cronulla Beach, and also the city of Sydney. I wanna go to Sydney again, because I am fond of the atmosphere and also the society. I have several good friends there. I also have Australian family there; I assume that they like my real family (actually they my host-family when I lived there).


kharis alimoerdhoni arief said...

Wow, What's next? Cobain mampir di Bangkok or Phuket dah.... Murah meriah dan keren di banding singapore, hehehe... kalo mau dalam negri ya ke MALANG (JATIM).... Enjoy your trip

Adhisti Vega Kerleonis said...

Phuket bakalan masuk trip-lists ku selanjutnya deh.. untuk saat ini lagi pengen banget ke Singapore.hehehe.. btw di Malang ada apa aja sih?