Saturday, May 28, 2011

I'm single and (pretend to be) very happy

I don't know about my feeling right now
I have to be happy or not

in a fact, I feel lonely
this is my first time to be single for about several weeks (wow!)

ago, I didn't felt sad or worry about it, but now.. I feel so sad, because I don't have any boy friend..
maybe, it seems I really depend on man, but that's true.. I can't live just by my self, I need a friend, a true friend, umm.. I mean I need someone who will encourage me, who will love me, who will accept me in every condition and situation..

actually I had already found him!
yes, I said that I had already found him!

but now, I lost him.

well, I don't want to talk about him further, because it will make me remember him and cry again and again.

stop it!

I should be independent.
I should be my self.
I should be smile.
I should be happy.

no matter what will happen 2 hours later, even 3 seconds later.

be tough.

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